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The Rockland Arts Festival Team

The Rockland Arts Festival Rockland Arts Festival is coordinated by the outstanding efforts of artist/curator, Lisa D'Amico PhD, photographer, Michael Craft, artist, Aviva Sakolsky, artist, Debbie Silberberg, Andrew Fuge, PBL & Associates and PFLAG Rockland.

•    120+ artists will be featured in a broad spectrum of mediums including painting, jewelry, textiles, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

•     In addition, live music, art demonstrations, performances, theater, literature and special presentations will inspire and entertain throughout the event.

•    All events are FREE to the public and everyone is welcome to attend!

Inclusivity Guidelines

The Rockland Arts Festival has been built on the core values of community, inclusivity, and acceptance. These values are very important to the festival team and have been considered across all areas of the event. We are committed to providing safe and welcoming spaces and events where everyone can happily connect through the arts. We believe it is the shared responsibility of organizers, volunteers, artists, sponsors and patrons to help create an enriching and inclusive festival.

– The Rockland Arts Festival has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards incidents of intimidation, violence and physical or verbal harassment, related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion.

– The Rockland Arts Festival supports cultural change within the arts by promoting an ethic of care among artists and patrons, encouraging conversations and providing gender-equality and diversity within the festival program.

– The festival organizers strive to improve the festival experience by reaching out to diverse artistic groups and individuals, and we encourage people with disability or access needs to get in touch with our team prior to the festival so that they may participate or if we can assist when possible.

– The Rockland Arts Festival recognizes that we would not be able to enjoy the wealth of artistic talents without the creations of diverse communities and cultures. Along with our engagement with local artists, we aim to encourage people from all backgrounds to come together to share the festival's free experiences.

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